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Interior Designing

Constructing a home or commercial building is one thing but the inside interior deserves some attention to! Sabira Construction’s team of expert interior designers are more than happy and capable to do the job. Consulting strongly with the clients, following their wishes and budget our interior designers are artists at work. From modern to traditional designs, to the newest fashion for furniture, color and equipment the Sabira Construction’s interior designing team works in such a way that every design is different but equal in quality.

Interior designing can take up a lot of your time and stress, as you need to calculate your budget, find out about the newest trends in terms of paint, furniture, etc. all while having to look at your construction progress also. With our Interior Designing service there is no more need to worry and let us handle it for you. Sabira Construction’s Interior Designing service works in such a way that you get more time and less stress during your construction project.

Interior Designing is planning and designing for quality and originality, which later on takes the shape of a real building. By taking the correct dimensions of your site and making a layout depicting the placement of furniture and partitions is the first step. Once we know the layout we work towards designing individual rooms. This includes flooring, ceiling, walls highlighting and furniture designs. Once the designs are finished the Sabira Construction’s team starts drawing all details pertaining to flooring, furnishing, electrical, plumbing, ceiling & paint job. Then by consulting with the client our expert team works on how to further improve the design while staying cost effective.

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