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Sabira Construction a leading construction company in Nepal that has opened its doors in August 2015, right after the devastating earthquake. This disaster robbed many people of their homes and lives. Sabira Construction specializes in prefabricated building, it means disaster safe homes made of lighter but stronger material. It is more economical and safer to build houses in landslide or earthquake risk areas. As Sabira Construction consist of a team filled with experts in the field of civil construction the quality provided knows no equal. From professional Civil Engineers and highly skilled Architects the company provides only quality work at an affordable price. 

Customer satisfaction means everything to Sabira Construction! Every project is done with precision to the time frame and the wishes of the client. Doing not only Prefab construction in Nepal but any type of construction work and interior designing Sabira Construction has increased it work performance over the years. From commercial to private construction works the company has an astonishing completion rate. 
Always innovating Sabira Construction is ever growing in the newest building techniques, modern designs and greener ways of constructing. Being conscious about the environment the company prides itself to be one of the lesser greener companies in Nepal that focuses on the most affordable and planet friendly building materials and construction techniques!

Affordable, green and professional is wat makes Sabira Construction on of the top construction companies in Nepal. Completing building projects in a timely fashion, consulting with the client for the best and financially responsible solutions is wat makes Sabira Construction a leading constructing company in Nepal! 

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